Entry #5

Episode 3 Completed!

2013-07-31 14:42:35 by Yosheon28

Yep, exactly what the titles says. Despite being ultra-busy with other things over the past several months, I was able to finally finish Pretty Guardian Sega Warriors (due to the character limit, it's titled "Pretty Sega Warriors" on Newgrounds)! I appreciate all of the PMs about my series, and it's great to know that so many people like it!

Unfortunately, I completely forgot that Newgrounds has a 10 MB (has that changed?) file size limit for Flash submissions, and the third episode is quite big. I'll try to compress it a much as I can without sacrificing too much content, but if I'm unable to do that, then no worries! I'll still upload the episode to my Youtube channel, which means you'll just have to go there to view it!


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